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Who are we and why do we have was created by Assaf Ben-Haim in 1999 as an online portal. Because of Assaf's technical knowledge and experience he decided to share this technical gift with you.

The sites name is pronounced with a French accent "The Mood", we tried to find something that can fit the vast amount of knowledge without being specific to a single subject.

The site is used as an information portal for a variety of utilities, applications, music, games, wallpapers and mobile phones.

We try to provide you with the best and most useful online links.

Music Quick View: 

There are millions of sites out there of people just like you and me who upload their music to their own personal web servers.
Over the years I have made a list of a few,, here are some that stand out the most.

Applications Quick View:

Why spend your money one applications that you can have for free.
Open source software is not only free but sometimes better than the pricy paid version.|
Here are some of my all time favorite open source software.

see them all....