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One of the most popular questions we get is which are the best applications to use?

It really all depends on the your phone and it's processing capabilities. Some applications may not work as flawlessly on certain phone.

Super BackupLet's start with a my number one pick, the one application you can't do without in my opinion is Super Backup. This is a must have and is a vital application for anyone who is upgrading their phones or simply giving it to repairs or service.

Go Launcher EXMy second choice for android applications is Go Launcher EX. This application turns your phone from ordinary to extraordinary!

Judging from my own Android experience, once you get used to the "Go" platform, when you will eventually switch phones it will make your transition a lot smother!

Take a look at some of the other apps we recommend and have archived for you here

There are simply a lot of futures that your touchwiz simply doesn't have, the "Go" team is very cutting edge and out of the box thinkers, I highly recommend this application for anyone with an Android platform.


Rooting your phone is something that is completely up to you. I have included some of the links that I use but every phone has it's own unique method for rooting.

It is a bit on the risky side so take a deep breath before you dive right in. You must be aware that you could cause irreversible damage to your phone if you don't follow the steps or your phone decides to take a hiccup.



YouTube to MP4 or MP3:
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Download songs from sound cloud or HQ songs from YouTube, this place will allow you to save both mp3 and video formats!