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These are the must have applications for everyone.

Security / Technical:
Please use the FREE version on ALL applications shown.

(This is the only exception, its about $40 but it's worth every penny)
C Cleaner - make your PC fly!
Malwarebytes.org - anti-virus is not enough.
RAMRush - keeps your "RAM" in check.

Office / Programs
Use these as a great FREE alternatives
Openoffice.org - Free Word, Excel, PowerPoint!
- Hands down the best browser out there
FoxitSoftware.com - FREE PDF unlike ADOBE PDF HOG!
FastStone Image Viewer Great image viewer
GOMLab.com - The best movie viewer
doPDF.com - Save PAPER! Create PDF.
Winamp - The Best MP3 Player
(Download the old version of WinAmp 1998) - Use this version
FENCES - Great desktop organizer









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  • alternativeto.net - We stumbled onto this incredible website. Let's say you have a program that's not free and you're looking for it's alternative, this is the site to go!
  • TeraCopy - Simply an AMAZING little program that moves and copies files a lot faster. Give it a try.
  • Storage Analyzer - WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer. We have been looking for this tool for a while, it's only 630KB, enjoy! ZIP / EXE
  • utorrent - The best torrant browser out there.
  • FoxitSoftware.com - FREE PDF READER Looking to speed up your PC? Here's an idea,,,, UNINSTALL THE 200MB+ ADOBE ACROBAT READER then INSTALL THE 5.4MB Foxit Reader. Please be cautious when installing this application, it will install a toolbar that you'll need to uninstall after so please make a note.
  • ESET ANTIVIRUS: onlinescan Hands Down BEST out there!! We HIGHLY Recommend This Product!! They provide a Free Online Scanner that can clean your PC if it's infected.
  • C Cleaner - Use this to clean out registry files, spy bots, bad other nastiest.

  • Malwarebytes.org - Another FREE product that help you clean unwanted Malware files from your PC.
  • Crucial.com - Find guaranteed-compatible memory for computers and motherboards.
  • FastStone Image Viewer - An incredible image vieing software.
  • dexpot.dee - Multiple Desktops like Linux and Mac for Windows. This one is a little buggy... needs a little more work but interesting.

  • RAMRush - For a long time we have been looking for a good program to free up physical RAM and make our systems work better, well, now we found it. RAMRush
  • FENCES - Fences is a program that helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when they're not in use. If you use a laptop that has a docking station, then this is highly recommended!
  • http://blueonionsoftware.com/ Download from EuropeFreeSnap Download from AmericaFreeSnap Download from AsiaFreeSnap
    If you have windows Vista or Windows XP and would like to be able to use the window resize option that Window 7 has, this is the app for you. After you download and install this app, just press the "window" + "left, right, up" key and with window will snap into place.
    Great for working on multiple windows.
  • KNOPPIX - KNOPPIX is a bootable Live system on CD or DVD, consisting of a representative collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals.

  • doPDF.com - This application will install like a printer. Instead of printing a paper for your boss, create PDF file, save money & stop wasting paper.

  • Portableapps.com - Portable Applications in a nutshell, is running a program from your USB drive on to your PC without installing it. This is great if you work in a strict networking environment.

  • gHacks.net - Not sure what exe are running on your computer? This site will let you know, here is an example: svchost.exe???

  • ProcessLibrary.com - Finds out the definition of any mysterious ".dll" or ".sys" running on your computer
  • Openoffice.org - Use OpenOffice: Don't bother wasting your money on Microsoft Office when you can have it FREE with Sun Open Office!

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  • active-domain.com - We have been using Active-Domain for the past 15 years. They provide services that are FREE as compared to other hogs out there. If you want to buy a domain name, please ONLY use these guys, you'll thank us later.
  • Similar Site Search - We just found this amazing little site that will provide you with more of the same type of sites you're looking for.
  • 000 Web Host - Free website hosting.
  • Maxthon - In our opinion, Maxthon is probably the best new web browser out on the market today. It's extremely fast and has plenty of goodies in it. They have both a PC and an Android version.
  • Zuula.com - Perhaps one of the newest and best truly OPEN search engine. This search engine allows you to search one subject over multiple search engines and search categories. Unlike Yahoo, Google, Bing or Lycos, Zuula is of a monopoly and more of a practicality, and that's what we hope you will like.
  • SpeedTest.net - Find out how fast your internet speed is.
  • SendSpace.com - we tested out a bunch of these "free" site only to be let down,, however, sendspace.com was the only one that was able to handle large files. the trick here is how to bypass the advertisements. a. upload your file. b. click on the link they provide. c. find your linked file on the new page and send that link.

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